“I can’t thank you enough for taking such gentle, sweet care of Miguel on his first visit to the dentist! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how his anxiety level might be – I think mine was higher than his! Thanks for making his visit fun and for allowing him to “inspect” all the dental equipment after treatment. We appreciate the kindness of your staff and we will look forward to seeing you again at our next checkup!”Ruth Ramos (Miguel’s mom)

“Going to the dentist as a child was the most horrifying thing for me. The pediatric dental office my brother and I went to was not kid-friendly. The nurses were fine, but not very patient. And the dentist was nice, but not very gentle. Quite often I was afraid and wanted my mom to be with me in the exam room, but that was not allowed! At the time, this office was “the top place” to take your children. Yuk! As you can imagine, I put off taking my babies to a pediatric dentist as long as possible! When we arrived at our first appointment with Dr. Hurst, I found a bright, cheerful, kid-friendly environment with kind faces to greet us. There were no closed doors and no “mom keep out” signs. I was welcome to be a part of my child’s dental experience. This was a great comfort to both me and my 5-year-old daughter. We were both treated like part of the Hurst family. My daughter is now 12 years old and my son is 9 years old and we have had many visits since that first one. All have been a pleasure; not something I thought I would ever say about a pediatric dental office. My son actually said a couple of months ago as we drove past Dr. Hurst’s office, ‘Mom, when are we going back there? I love it there!’ I had to laugh out loud. What a difference a good dentist can make! Thank you, Dr. Hurst and the wonderful staff at Joby Hurst Pediatric Dentistry, for providing such excellent dental care, as well as a loving environment.”Amy Pylant (Rebekah and Reeves’ mom)

“I have four children ranging in ages from 3 to 15. My daughter, Ruby, who is the youngest had her first check-up just last month and she did great! I give credit to the wonderful staff at Dr. Hurst’s office. They really took the time to show her the equipment, let her watch one of her brothers getting his teeth cleaned, and dispel any fears that she might have had once it was her turn. My two older boys, Joshua and Nelson seemed particularly impressed that there was even a teen section so that they didn’t have to be with their younger brother. All four of my kids love Dr. Hurst, his staff, and the “prizes” that they get with their token at the end of each visit. I am so thankful that we are part of such a great group!”Jaclynn Gothard (Joshua, Nelson, Austin and Ruby’s mom)